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Take the Treasures Home!

Asian Art Museum online store unveils merchandise from world-famous Taiwan emporium

Asian Art Museum online store unveils merchandise from world-famous Taiwan emporium

A trove of treasure from Taiwan has arrived at the Asian Art Museum of San Francisco. Connoisseurs and casual shoppers alike are invited to explore a collection of rare imports from the National Palace Museum, Taipei’s celebrated gift shop. A tightly curated selection of eye-catching décor, exquisite accessories, and gotta-have-it souvenirs can finally be yours to take home — while supplies last.

The Asian Art Museum was specially selected to share products unavailable outside Asia until now. This merchandise celebrates the museum’s summer blockbuster exhibition, Emperors’ Treasures: Chinese Art from the National Palace Museum, Taipei (on view until Sept. 18). Emperors’ Treasures showcases four dynasties and nine rulers’ worth of “the best of the best of Chinese imperial art,” according to director Jay Xu, and the expanded online store features exhibition-themed items at a range of prices, including:

Bamboo Brooch: champagne-colored gemstones articulate slender bamboo branches, inspired by a master Ming brush painter’s subtle landscapes.

Coiled Dragon Scarf: pure silk wrap with a gorgeous, versatile design rich with historic details drawn from a ritual bronze basin known as a p’an.

Chicken Cup: with a charming farmyard scene reproduced from a prized Ming-dynasty set, this paper-thin porcelain vessel veritably glows under any light.

Scroll with Eight Horses: based on a painting by Qing court artist, imperial favorite and Jesuit priest Giuseppe Castiglione, this hanging scroll offers a delicate stylistic blend of East and West.

Visit the online trove for more, including ornamental vases, unique jewelry, clever children’s toys, and other keepsakes perfect for art-lovers of all ages:

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